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InnodeskOnline is the online arm of Innodesk. Innodesk is the fastest growing Modular and open design office furniture and office chairs brand in South India. Innodesk has its factory operations in Bangalore and Hyderabad and supplies across south and west India

Innodesk is known for its quality, best delivery timelines and after sales support and service.

Companies like Reliance, hexagon, Alembic, IVY comptech and more than 2000 + companies use office furniture by Innodesk

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  Pradeep -Amazon

Good Quality Product, I must Say, Great Job

Innodesk - Workplace Innovations

When it comes to office chairs online, you as a buyer may have a lot of questions in mind, from size to sturdiness and from colour to comfortability. After visiting tonnes of stores and many online platforms also, it's very difficult to make a final decision, to decide upon that chair, which may fit your personal office requirements, or if you are an employer, you need to choose something that will provide better comfort to your employees.

Something that increases your productivity and not inhibits it.


We at Innodeskonline is here to solve this problem for you, as the best in the market in terms of customer satisfaction, product quality, after-sales service and price leadership.

We at innodeskonline are the suppliers as well the manufacturer of the best kind of office furniture and especially chairs which can be specially customised for your requirements on demand.


When sitting for long hours on a chair table workspace in your office or at home, your comfort is our topmost priority, our range of online office chairs are designed ergonomically to fit your special needs while you are at work, sitting on a chair for hours at length.

Our chairs are designed to give you the best and the most comfortable experience, so you can focus all your will at your work without hurting or paining your body or back.

From seat cushions to back cushioning, headrests to the armrest, movable chairs to rotating chairs, we have all in one and one for all, options available for you.

Xyz understands that long sitting hours for work are not good for your mental as well as physical well being, but with chairs that can adjust and adapt to your comfort needs, you can make the most out of your work hours.

We can make this possible just for you.

Our range of office chairs and complementing accessories that can be attached to your chairs offer comfort and compatibility to your needs.

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